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Congratulations to Caroline, Victor and Pascal – PAIS’14 best paper award

Caroline Even Research Assistant  Victor Pillac Researcher  Pascal Van Hentenryck Research Group Leader The paper "NICTA Evacuation Planner: Actionable Evacuation Plans with Contraflows" received the best paper award at the Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems conference (PAIS'14), Prague. The NICTA

Congratulation to the IFL Team – 2014 NSW iAward Winners!

NICTA Intelligent Fleet Logistics team (IFL) wins the NSW State iAwards Industrial Category

NICTA starts a new collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory

NICTA and Los Alamos National Laboratory sign a R&D agreement on ulti-fuel power generation.

Australia’s got ICT talent – so how do we make the most of it?

 Toby Walsh Research Leader Toby Walsh, Research Leader in the Optimisation group recently spoke with The Conversation about the future of ICT in Australia. ICT has been a great driver for change over the past 10 years, and [...] it

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The Optimisation Research Group offers many opportunities for motivated students to build their research skills. Join our team for undergraduate or graduate internships, master or Ph. D. thesis, and give your career a new dimension!

Ph. D. and Masters Scholarships are available in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney to support national and international students for research in optimisation, as a priority research area.

ORG contributes to student education by supervising PhD students, supervising undergraduate students for honours theses and internships, by delivering coursework in the optimisation area, and by organising the International Optimisation Summer School.

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NICTA is Australia’s leading ICT R&D organisation, it bridges the gap between research and industry and works with the best research leaders. We produce world-class research, and create wealth for Australia – like the software in millions of mobile phones that was developed by NICTA spin-out OK Labs.

NICTA partners with Australia’s leading universities – with strong PhD engagement, and NICTA’s alumni flow into industry, start-ups and leading research institutions.

We have state-of-the-art research facilities in five labs around Australia with over 700 people.